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Card games are played all around the world as they are a great way to entertain, bond as well as show off some skills. As one of the most popular and classic card games, Rummy has become the winning king of card games in this country. Whenever loved ones come together, rummy decks come out and cards are stacked. Available to play both Online and Offline makes rummy a vastly played game in our country.

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About Us

Joker Rummy game offers 13 Card ,21 Card and 24 Card rummy organizations which are tailor-made for Indian rummy fans. We are pioneers in presenting 21 Card rummy organizations prioritizing India. Here we provide a safe and enthusiastic climate for rummy enthusiasts. They play and appreciate rummy with millions of different players. Joker Rummy has been guaranteed from iTech labs for reasonable game play and arbitrary number generator (RNG).

We endeavor to give online rummy experience of worldwide guidelines to our clients with a vibe of playing with companions same as actual rummy. It will seem real for sure.

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Joker Rummy Application

Joker Rummy is an experience where all your “Card Game” dreams will come true.

At the point when you play rummy online on the Joker Rummy application, you remain to win colossal monetary compensations.

You additionally get a present for joining the Joker Rummy people group of rummy players.

How To Play

  • Join/Sign in
  • Snap on play now
  • Add money
  • Pick rummy game variation
  • Join the game table
  • Begin playing by drawing and disposing of card
  • Make substantial groupings and sets dependent on the rummy game principles
  • Announce when sure of winning
  • Merge and send cards
  • Scores acquired and deducted are shown for separate players

For the detailed information on how to play the rummy game, visit 13 Cards rummy, 21 Cards rummy and 24 Cards rummy sections.

Unique Application Features

Highlight of this rummy game application that separates it from its rivals is the chance to choose your adversaries. You can choose who you will play against. In the event that you are new and uncertain of your rummy abilities, you can turn away tables populated by master rummy players.

13 Cards

13 cards rummy is the go-to rummy game variation for most Indians. On this rummy application, it is played with 2 decks, and there can be 2-6 players at each table. Every player is given 13 cards. These should be organized into arrangements and sets. There must be one unadulterated succession with an upheld debased grouping and one unadulterated set. You are at freedom to organize the remainder of the cards any way you like.

21 Card

On this rummy application, 21 cards are played with 3 decks. Every player at the rummy table is managing 21 cards. To win, a player should create:

  • 3 unadulterated groupings (remaining cards to be organized into any arrangement of successions and sets)
  • A gathering of 8 jokers
  • 8 doubles in 8 gatherings
  • 3 tanalas (tunnelas) in 3 gatherings
  • 2 marriage sets

24 Cards

In this case the player will be able to raise or bet up to a specific minimum bet and current size of the pot.

  • Total stake
  • Player per table (minimum 2. and maximum 6)
  • Table type (Normal/Turbo)
  • Nome
  • Total seats (maximum 6 seats)
  • Total blinds (stake)
  • Minimum buy in amount

Mobile Application Layouts

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